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    About my site.
So, I have no job because in my town it is very difficult to find a regular
job, especially for a student. I created this site to try to make some
money for life. I will do twerking until I find a full time job. I really
hope this happens as soon as possible. I learn to do a manicure
and earn some money on it, but it does not bring significant money. 
Thanks to my europian friends who help me to create and serve my site.
Sorry for my English, I am from Eastern Europe and English is not
my native language. 
    Something about me.
I am a college girl. have to go to college for another 4 years. I live with
my younger sister, renting a small apartment, since I came to this city from
my native village to go to college. I have no job. My parents stayed in their
native village, thay are not rich people and can no longer give me money. So
I’m actively looking for work, because I have to eat, pay rent, buy things.
But while there is no work. I'm not sure if i should do such twerk videos, but
now it needs to be tried, my goal is to stay in college and not to be kicked
out of the apartment.
Everything that I have now was bought in the past for pocket money
that parents used to give.
A lot of clothes you can see in my videos i borrow from my younger sister
or my friends.
If I earn some money, it will help me to pay rent, buy food and of course
buy some lingerie for new videos in gratitude to persons who support me. 






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